What to Expect


  • Excitement
  • Testing new-found freedom
  • Frequent calls and visits home
  • Making new friends
  • Anxiety about roommates, professors, classes
  • Getting used to new schedule


  • Roommate problems begin to arise
  • Questioning: "Do I fit in here?" "Can I make it?"
  • Midterm Exams
  • Friendships and love relationships from home become strained
  • Homesickness and loneliness
  • First exams


  • Midterm grades returned
  • Consequences of decision-making experienced
  • Many exams and papers due before Thanksgiving
  • Excitement and/or anxiety regarding going home for Thanksgiving
  • First series of campus-wide illness (cold, flu, etc.)


  • Anxiety over preparations for finals
  • Sadness about leaving new friendship and/or love relationships
  • Doubts about academic competency
  • Excitement about the holiday break


  • "Fresh start" mentality sets in with new term
  • Satisfaction/disappointment with fall term grades
  • Homesickness
  • Relief being away from home and back at school


  • "Winter blues" set in
  • Midterm exam stress
  • Participation in winter sports put a strain on academics
  • Challenges with love relationships back home


  • Finding roommate(s) for next year
  • Excitement and/or disappointment regarding Spring Break plans
  • Finals


  • Excitement with arrival of spring (and sun)
  • Questions about what they have or have not been able to accomplish during the year


  • Concern over declaring a major
  • End of term pressure
  • Concern over summer employment


  • Final exam anxiety
  • Apprehension about returning home for summer
  • Sadness over leaving new friends and/or love relationships
  • Realization of how college influences life decisions