Roommates and Suitemates

Consider contacting your suitemates before you arrive to build relationships and get to know them. There are many things to coordinate, and sharing space can be fun as well as challenging. Try some of these icebreakers below to get the conversation going.

Roomates Chatting


For You

* hometown *  hobbies * movie and TV favorites *

For the Group

* similarities * differences * habits *



Having a basic understanding of each others' values and expectations helps to build a foundation for a great year. The Community Assistants (CAs) may also help you with the transition to college life. The CAs live in the residence hall and are trained to assist with concerns or conflicts. If you find yourself struggling to make things work with your roommate, please reach out to your CA. Adjustments can be made after you move in, bu the most important step is to talk to your CA.