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Rates and Billing

At this time, rates and billing are for informational purposes only.

2021-2022 Room and Board Rates

Room and Board rates are set by the COCC Board of Directors during winter term for the upcoming academic year.

These rates include housing and dining services for the entire academic year (Sept-June); all basic utilities including WiFi network access. Rates are listed as per student. View more information on dining rates and plan options.

All residents are required to select one of the four meal plans.

Housing will not be open for summer 2021. Visit the Summer Housing Information page for informational and planning purposes.


Payment Information

A down payment is required

A $1000 down payment toward room fees and a $200 security deposit are required to hold your space in the residence hall. We recommend paying these fees as soon as possible, in line with the overall application process, to secure a spot. Partial payments are welcome, but a spot is not secured until the down payment is paid in full.


When and how to pay

The security deposit and estimated room fees for the term post to your Bobcat Web Account after your housing application has been approved. Payment can be made online via your Bobcat Account, calling the Cashiers Office at (541) 383-7229, in-person, or using awarded financial aid (if you qualify).


Down payment refund policy

A full or partial refund of the $1000 down payment is available prior to occupancy. Full refunds are available with written notification of cancellation by the date listed below in the Cancellation Fees section. The down payment is no longer refundable upon occupancy.


Using a financial aid award to pay

If you are receiving financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office (541) 383-7260 to review your award amount and arrange for this coverage. If your award amount covers tuition, fees, and the down payment toward room and board, then your financial aid may be used to cover the down payment prior to occupancy. Please also refer to your Budget Worksheet for this information.


Cancellation Fees

Before Occupancy

You can cancel your Housing Agreement by emailing the Housing and Residence Life Office at Written notification is required for any refund. The application fee is at no time refundable. The security deposit is refundable prior to occupancy. The down payment refund schedule is:

2021-22 Down Payment Refund Deadlines

  Fall Applications
Winter Applications
Spring Applications
Full Refund August 6, 2021 December 3, 2021 March 11, 2022
50% Refund August 27, 2021 n/a n/a
25% Refund September 15, 2021 December 27, 2021 March 24, 2022
Non-refundable September 16, 2021 December 28, 2021 March 25, 2022


After Occupancy (before the end of the first two weeks)

If you cancel your Housing Agreement after move-in day but before the end of the first two weeks of any academic term, you will be billed a prorated amount of the room and board fees for every day you lived in the residence hall that exceed the payments you have made previously made toward room and board fees. If this occurs after your first term, then an additional agreement cancellation fee of $1000 will be charged.


After Occupancy (after the end of the first two weeks)

If you cancel your Housing Agreement after the end of the first two weeks of any academic term, you will be billed for all remaining room fees of the current term as well as and a prorated amount of board fees that exceed the payments you have previously made toward board. Additionally, an agreement cancellation fee of $1000 will be charged.


Financial Aid

Financial aid, if you qualify, may be used to help cover your room and board costs. Visit the Financial Aid for On-Campus Housing page for more information.