Improving Your Space

College life can be stressful, so your personal space should be a place of refuge and relaxation. We have compiled the best tips and tricks from the web (and our own experiences) to help your room feel comfy, organized and personalized!


Soda can tabs DOUBLE your closet space. We recommend using wire hangers.

Notice the hanging organizer? Also clutch for an organized closet.



Washi tape is like decorative masking tape and makes an easy way to hang AND decorate without damaging surfaces.

Washi Tap Example

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Don't have the craft bug? Try a wall decal to brighten up a room!

Wall Decal Example


Moving box + file bin + seat! You can't lose.

Storage Seat

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Shelves will make your life easier. Not just for your bedroom- the common area and the bathroom are smart places to have storage too!

Storage Shelves