Benefits of Living On Campus

Why Live On Campus?

On-campus life in Central Oregon Community College's residence hall provides experiences that enhance social skills, friendships, leadership and insight. It is a place of possibility!


EASY Icon-Easy

Fewer bills and less worry. One bill to pay, and no hunting for a gym, study spot or parking.



Icon-ConvenientLess drive time = more fun time. Minutes away from everything so there is more time to study, join a club or have an outdoor adventure!



Graduate earlier and be happy. Academic studies show that Icon-Successyou perform better in school and are more satisfied with your college experience.



A safe place to explore. A Icon-Possibilitycomfortable place to live, learn and interact with new people while still having your own space.

Students dining on patio

"What I like most about living on campus is that I didn't have to worry about finding a house or apartment or about finding transportation to my classes or to find food."

- Zoey Parker, Ontario, Oregon