Public Safety Services

Public Safety OfficerPolicy Enforcement

Public Safety Officers are responsible for enforcing campus policy. Officers have the authority to issue campus citations, trespass individuals from COCC property, evict campus residents, seize property that violates campus policy, serve campus no-contact orders, and serve campus compliance orders. Officers may also issue referrals to the Office of Student Life, Human Resources, and/or the Office of Residence Life.

Parking Enforcement

Public Safety Officers are authorized, by the Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 341.300, to perform parking enforcement on COCC property. Officers may issue written warnings or citations. Additionally, Public Safety Officers are authorized by ORS 341.300 to impound vehicles which violate campus regulations, at the vehicle owner's expense.

Traffic Enforcement

Public Safety Officers are statutorily authorized to perform traffic enforcement on COCC property, as stated by ORS 341.300. Officers may legally obtain driver identification, vehicle identification, and verification of insurance information. There are a variety of traffic enforcement actions that an Officer may take, including (but not limited to) issuing a warning, issuing a citation, trespassing a driver or passenger, and/or revoking campus driving privileges. 

Criminal Investigations

The Campus Public Safety Department immediately notifies local law enforcement agencies of all criminal activity which occurs on COCC property. Public Safety Officers work with local law enforcement agencies and assist with their investigations.

Crime Prevention & Campus Patrol

Campus Public Safety is responsible for all COCC-owned property. This includes the Bend Campus, the Redmond Campus, the Madras Campus, the Prineville Campus, Wickiup Hall (Bend), Jungers Culinary Center (Bend), Chandler Lab (Bend), Brightside Veterinary Center (Redmond), and the COCC related programs at the Deer Ridge Correctional Facility in Madras. Public Safety Officers patrol the over 300 acres of COCC property, in order to deter and detect crime and enforce campus policy.

Emergency Response

Public Safety Officers respond to any and all emergencies which occur on COCC property. Our patrol vehicles are equipped with emergency lights and a siren. If you see an approaching emergency vehicle while driving, state law requires you pull to the RIGHT side of the road and come to a COMPLETE stop.

Non-Emergency Response

Public Safety Officers also handle a variety of non-emergency calls. These calls range from non-injury motor vehicle accidents, to suspicious persons, cold thefts, and verbal disputes.

Medical Response

Public Safety Officers have Healthcare Provider: Basic Life Support certifications from the American Heart Association. Every patrol vehicle contains an advanced medical pack and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Additionally, select officers carry Narcan, tourniquets, and have advanced trauma care training.

Crisis Intervention

The Campus Public Safety Department maintains a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Team members have received extensive training in crisis intervention, including a 40 hour CIT course. This training is in conjunction with the Bend Police Department and the Deschutes County Behavioral Health Team. CIT officers can be identified by the special Oregon "CIT" pins they wear above their name tapes.

Fire Response & Prevention

Public Safety Officers have special tools and training to handle vegetation and structure fires. The Campus Public Safety Department works closely with our local fire agencies to both respond to, and prevent, fires on COCC property.