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Policy Enforcement


Public Safety Officers are responsible for enforcing campus policy and have the authority to issue campus citations, trespass individuals from COCC property, evict campus residents, and seize property that violates campus policy. Public Safety Officers may also issue referrals to the Office of Student Life, Human Resources, and/or the Office of Residence Life. The Campus Public Safety Department also employs a Bend Police Campus Resource Officer who is a sworn police officer with full law enforcement authority.

Parking & Traffic Enforcement

Public Safety Officers are authorized by Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 341.300, to perform parking and traffic enforcement on COCC property. Officers may issue written warnings or citations. Additionally, Public Safety Officers are authorized by ORS 341.300 to impound vehicles that violate campus regulations, at the vehicle owner's expense.

Policies and Regulations

COCC has established policies and regulations to maintain a safe campus. Public Safety Officers have the authority to enforce all campus policies. COCC also recognizes the violation of any Oregon law (Oregon Revised Statute) and/or federal law, while on campus, as a policy violation.

Vehicle Regulations General Policies Student Policies Resident Policies Oregon Revised Statutes

Citation Appeals 

The Citation Appeals Committee has the responsibility of hearing and judging all COCC citation appeals. If you believe you received a citation in error, or there were extenuating circumstances which should be considered, you have the right to appeal your citation. Appeal forms are available at the Campus Public Safety Office in the Boyle Education Center, the Information Booth in the Boyle Education Center, the ASCOCC Student Government Office in the Coats Campus Center, and at the Cashier Station in the Boyle Education Center. The appeal form may also be downloaded and printed below.

Citation Appeal Form

Appeal Procedure

  1. Get a Citation Appeal Form from one of the previously listed locations, or download and print the form here.
  2. Complete the form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  3. Attach a legible copy of the citation to the appeal form.
  4. Keep a photocopy of the citation and appeal form for your records.
  5. Bring the completed appeal form to the Campus Public Safety Office, located in the Boyle Education Center, during normal business hours.

Additional Information

  • The Citation Appeals Committee will review all appeals received. If you wish to be present for the hearing, indicate so on your appeal form.
  • The Citation Appeals Committee will notify you by mail of their decision within 2 weeks (14 days) of review.
  • You are encouraged to pay your fine within seven days of issuance, in order to take advantage of the reduction in charges ($5 off total citation). If your appeal is approved, your payment will be refunded.
  • Unpaid citations will prevent student registration, and are referred to the State of Oregon Department of Revenue for collection. Initial citation amounts may increase upon adoption by a collections agency or the State of Oregon.
  • All fines must be paid at the Admissions and Records Office, located in the Boyle Education Center, during regular business hours, or by mail.
  • The Citation Appeals Committee's decision is final.