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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help ensure a successful college experience for Native American students. We provide support services, culturally enriching activities, academic advising and registration assistance. Another function of the Native American Program (NAP) is to bring forth concerns and recommendations and act upon them to foster a welcoming and positive learning environment. In addition the program works to increase understanding of Native American issues both on campus and beyond.

Native American Service Award

This award is funded through a private endowment devoted to helping Native Americans successfully achieve their educational goals. The award is available to students who are actively involved in the First Nations Student Union program and/or their community. If you think you are eligible for this Service Award please download the application and the volunteer form.

First Nations Student Union

The FNSU Club has a one-time $500 scholarship available for COCC students in their last term. Students must have been actively involved in the FNSU Club, have a minimum of a 2.5 Cummulative GPA and write an essay. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Cary, Native American Program Coordinator at 541-318-3782 or

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