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Ganas Photo Gallery

Photos of students and staff participating in the 2017 GANAS Edúcate Summer Symposium activities!

  • GANAS Edúcate Summer Symposium
  • GANAS Friends
  • GANAS Capoeira
  • Capoeira exercise
  • GANAS Capoeira Friends
  • Capoeira Moves
  • Capoeira sparring
  • Capoeira
  • Capoeira training
  • Capoeira sparring
  • GANAS Friends
  • Arts and Crafts at GANA
  • Arts and Crafts at GANA
  • GANAS student art
  • Arts and Crafts at GANA
  • Arts and Crafts at GANA
  • GANAS Program Leaders
  • GANAS Bags
  • GANAS Field Trip Bus Ride
  • GANAS field trip to High Desert Museum
  • GANAS Activity
  • High Desert Museum Bird Exhibit
  • Wingspan
  • High Desert Museum
  • High Desert Museum
  • GANAS Students on the Field
  • GANAS on COCC Bend Campus
  • GANAS In the Classroom
  • GANAS in computer classroom
  • Trying a Firefighting Uniform
  • Ganas - lLarning about Firefighting
  • GANAS Lunch time!
  • GANAS students in the residence hall
  • GANAS Shuffle Board Game
  • GANAS making connections
  • GANAS Hiking Field Trip