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Afro-Centric Student Program

The Afro-Centric Program focuses on the recruitment, retention, and holistic support of self-identifying Black and Afro-Centric students. We are committed to elevating Black voices, ensuring Black representation, and are dedicated to equity work regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation/expression, etc. We celebrate diversity and culture and pursue education of ourselves and others for the benefit of our community. We seek to increase access to information and resources for Black and Brown folk and strive to create a campus culture that is not only tolerant, but welcoming and willing to grow to heighten a sense of belonging for our students of color. We believe that education should be equally accessible for all and provides incomparable opportunity for elevation and success in society.

Should students, faculty, or staff desire support, encouragement, or connection please reach out to Christy Walker via email or by phone at 541.383.7412

Black History Month

Events planned during February 2021

In recognition of Black History Month COCC is honored to welcome MOsley WOtta, Arielle Estoria, and Dr. Doug Luffborough to share stories of Black triumph. Through poetry and storytelling we will celebrate the past and present triumphs of the Black community while continuing our efforts to challenge oppressive systems and strive toward a more equitable future. 

Events are FREE and OPEN to the public. Registration is required. 

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Black History