Request for MML Upgrade

Request for MyMathLab (MML) Upgrade (from 2nd edition to 3rd edition)

Beginning Fall 2018, COCC will be using the 3rd edition of the Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Text by Jay Lehmann. Students who have taken MTH 60, MTH 65, or MTH 95 at COCC prior to Fall 2018 using MML and who will continue with the sequence during the 2018-2019 academic year are being provided with a complimentary upgraded access license for MyMathLab—3e.

If you are currently registered for MTH 60, MTH 65, or MTH 95 and have a 2nd edition MML license, complete and submit the form below.

The process of checking your current access license and issuing a new license may take up to 48 hours. Check your COCC email often. If classes have started and you have homework, you should register for a temporary 3rd edition license while you wait for your new access license. 

MML Upgrade Request Form

When was the previous course was taken?