Projects, Labs, and Activities


Function Notation Activity

Inverses Activity: Plane Takeoff

Piecewise Functions Lab

Piecewise Functions on Calculator Activity

Rule of Four Activity

Transformations Activity

Manipulating Graphs Lab


Modeling Activity: Smoking

Linear Modeling Project: Economics

Modeling Project: Green Tea

Modeling Project: Retirement


Exponential Regression Activity: Colds

Exponential Regression Activity: Deschutes Population

Exponential Regression Project: CSI Bend

Regression Activity: Juniper Pollen

Regression Activity: Pollution

Linear Regression Project: Car Deaths vs. Firearm Deaths

Logs, Exponentials, Quadratics, and Polynomials:

Exponential Functions Lab

Exponential Equations Lab: Decay and Dating

Quadratics Activity

Quadratics Lab

Polynomials Activity

Polynomials Lab