Alternate Math 95 Form

By typing my name in the field below, I am acknowledge the following about this course:

  • This is an accelerated course and will cover material at a faster rate than a traditional section
  • This course will contain content from both Math 65 and Math 95, thus covering more material than a traditional course
  • The expectation is that much of the material of the course will be review. Since the areas of review will differ from student to student, there will be significantly less direct instruction during class time, and an expectation that students will spend a significant amount of time outside of class reviewing and self-studying.
  • I have prior experience with and some knowledge of at least half of the following topics:
    • solve systems of two equations algebraically and graphically
    • convert between different polynomial forms using operations
    • factoring expressions
    • simplify expressions containing exponents
    • solve quadratic problems both algebraically and graphically
    • make predictions and interpret the results for linear and quadratic function models
    • translate algebraic linear equations given in various forms, into graphs of lines
    • use graphing technology to represent mathematical models and interpret the graphical solution to a problem