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Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of Barber Library facilities is to further the educational mission of the College. For this reason use of the computers for educational purposes is given precedence over computing pursuits of a more personal or recreational value. Students using the Library computers for non-priority activities may be asked to release their workstations for academic or government document related use.

Non-priority activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Game playing
  • Reading/sending personal email
  • Personal social media use
  • Recreational web surfing

Library Staff responsibilities

Library staff will neither censor nor be responsible for content or quality of information retrieved over the Internet. Please refer to the American Library Association Bill of Rights in regards to the Library's stand on issues of freedom of access to information.

It is not normal for Library staff to monitor individual usage of computers. However, the Library reserves the right to monitor and record such usage in cases of threatening or abusive behavior. The College has the right to use information gathered in this manner for disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

Library staff will mediate and address cases of objectionable use by making users aware of our policy on appropriate use of library computer facilities and also by providing the means for patrons to register complaints for the purpose of further investigation.

Patron responsibilities

Patrons need to be aware that some of the materials they display or print may be objectionable to others. Patrons must consider the public nature of the Library facilities and the impact these materials may have upon others. When such situations arise that disrupt an atmosphere of comfort and learning, Library staff will try to address issues of "objectionable use" as described above.

Use of Library computers must comply with state and federal laws and with COCC’s Acceptable Use Policy. Use of these computers for illegal purposes is prohibited and may be subject to criminal or disciplinary proceedings. Also not allowed is extensive use of computers for private or personal business.

Parents and legal guardians concerned about their children's safe use of the Library's electronic resources are responsible for providing guidance to their own children. According to campus policy G-4-0 (Children on Campus):

Children (under 15) are not permitted on campus unless directly supervised by a responsible adult. This adult accepts responsibility for maintaining acceptable behavior on the part of the child. The responsible adult will be asked to remove the disrupting child or children.

Please refer comments in regards to this policy to Tina Hovekamp, Library Director.

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