COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Request a Web or Printed Directory Correction

If information is found to be incorrect in COCC's online web directory or in the printed Faculty/Staff directory (blue book) please follow the below procedure.


  1. Review the current information in the online web directory.
    • If the web is correct, but the printed directory is not, the printed directory should be correct during the next print (once per year). As a result, no correction request should need to be submitted.
  2. If information in the online directory is incorrect please submit an ITS ticket using the COCC helpdesk system and set the Type to "Directory Updates". (If you are unable to submit a ticket please call the staff helpdesk, x7770.)
  3. In your helpdesk ticket please include the following.
    • Describe the directory listing which has the mistake.
      • If making a correction to an individual's directory listing, please provide the individual's COCC ID (82* #).
      • If the listing is a department or service please provide the full name of the directory listing.
    • Explain what is incorrect about the directory information.
    • Provide the corrected information.

If additional information is needed ITS will contact you for guidance. Otherwise you can expect web directory changes to be completed within 48 hours.


The online and printed directories are generated based upon information recorded in COCC's Banner system. As a result when information is corrected in Banner the web directory will be automatically updated within one business day and the printed directory will be updated to match the web when new copies are printed (once per year).