Remote Campus Desktop Link

ITS has the following links available to help you get connected to the Remote Desktop for COCC. If you have difficulty with the first option working for you, please try Option 2 at the bottom of the page.

Option 1 - Use Remote Desktop Login Pages

Remote Desktop - New Term Server

Please click HERE or the image above to access the Remote Desktop option.

Below is a document to help you login:

Instructions to Login to the Remote Desktop connection (PDF)

Mac and user instructions (PDF)

 Option 2 - Create a Remote Desktop Profile on your Desktop

1. Click to download the "COCCProfile" Remote Desktop Zip file.

2. Open (extract) the Zip file and you will see a file called "COCCProfile.rdp".

3. Save or copy the "COCCProfile.rdp" to your PC desktop with a new file name that includes YourNameCOCC.rdp (example:JohnCOCC.rdp). Note: If you don't want to save the file to your desktop for future use, you can just click on the COCCProfile.rdp and it will take you to the remote desktop.

4. When you want to connect to the COCC Remote Desktop, click on the new COCC icon on your desktop and you will be presented with a login screen. You will type in your user name (example: JSmith) and your password and you should connect.

If you need assistance from ITS, please create an ITS help desk ticket or contact ITS Help Desk at ext. 7770.