Meet The Staff

meet the staff



Heinrich Eugen von Helmbrecht

BS Natural Resources 1981
MS Mechanical Engineering 1983
MFA Cinematography 2019

Heinrich works at Central Oregon Community College as the Digital Production Specialist. . He has been producing TV broadcasts since 1998.  His interests include studying   world history with a focus on the period of 1800-1940, and environmental science applicable to documentary film production. Current work includes   producing  part 2 of the documentary “Into the Mountains of Light”, which reflects the life of  World Nature Conservancy Program founder John Muir. Other upcoming works include “Citizen of Nature”, which reflects  the life of Enos Mills, founder of the Environmental Education and Interpretation Program.



Steve Huffman

MS in Science Education

Steve works at Central Oregon Community College as part-time Digital Production Assistant. Over the years, he has been participating in series of nature documentaries for TV broadcast. He is a writer and voice over producer for the  COCC Digital Media Services department and is involved in a wide variety of content production.


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