Student Technical Support

Account Services
Lab Attendant staff can assist with your COCC technology account-related services which include Bobcat Web, Email/Network and Bb accounts. They provide help such as troubleshooting login issues and password resets.

 Technical Consulting
Lab Attendant staff provide assistance with connectivity (walk-up, wireless, VPN), email software configuration, and browser and authentication issues. Unresolved issues are the responsibility of the owner.

 Laptop & Mobile Device Services
Topics include configuring and troubleshooting network connections (walk-up, wireless, VPN), email software, software and utilities, virus/spyware scan and removal. Owner will fill out a Service Agreement form stating that the COCC computer labs do not take responsibility for the devices.

 Software Services
Help with free COCC technology downloads such as O365 and MS Office.

 Application Support
Lab Attendants provides COCC desktop computer applications support for students, this does not include individual owned computers. Lab attendants provide help with print problems including reprints when appropriate.

Disclaimer: Due to liability issues, the COCC lab attendants are not allowed to touch or manipulate any device. Our staff can assist you through directional instructions only. If there is a problem with the device, or device software unrelated to our academic environment, we may recommend contacting the device/software vendor and/or manufacturer for technical support.