Outlook and Email 365, Information and Help

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COCC email through Outlook is how you as a student will communicate with your Professors, Peers, Staff and how important information from COCC will reach you. Here are some important facts and information on Outlook that will help you be successful in you academic career.


Setting up your email on a Computer is easy: To download Outlook on to your computer, you can download it by itself or with the rest of the Office 365 products. Once you download it, here is how you can set up your email.


Max allowed email message sizes  • The max size email that COCC's system will accept is 20 MB.  • The max size that can be sent from within COCC's email system is 9 MB. Mailbox size limits  • COCC student mailboxes are limited to 75 MB.    • Staff mailboxes are 2 GB.  Incoming messages that will be blocked  • Messages containing known, detectable viruses. • Messages which are known to be SPAM.

Signing in to Student Email Online:

  1. Go to the COCC home page.
  2. Click on Student Login at the top right of the page next to the search bar.

Student Login Location

3. Click on Web Email.  Web Email Button

4. This will take you to a new page to log in, Click on Email Login Email Login Now Button

5. You will then be directed to a new page and will be prompted to log in.

Email Username Combo:

FLast@cocc.edu, if you have a common last name you might have a number in your email. To find this our you can look up your email address here.

To Lookup Your Email Address AND Initial Password

The original COCC email password can be found in your Bobcat web account.

Login to your Bobcat Web Account.

  • For help logging into this system read the detailed instructions and help information displayed on the login web page.

Select the Personal Information link.

Select the View E-mail Address(es) link.

If you have been assigned a COCC email address it will be displayed here along with a comment including your initial password for Campus Computers, Wireless, Email and Blackboard.

  • The information here will not include the correct password if you have changed it.
  • Passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE!