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Office 365 Email Address & Initial Password

Is my email Username the same as my BobCat User ID? NO

Is my email Password the same as my Bobcat PIN? Initially NO (you can change them to be the same)

Your User Name

COCC Computers, COCC Wireless (WiFi), Office 365 student email, Bobcat Web, and Blackboard use the student's COCC Email Address as the User Name.

  • Mr. Bob Cat's User Name would be:
  • Whole last name (no hyphens)
  • Many emails have number digits after the last name
    • Example1: (for a typical student) whose name is Bob Cat - the COCC email address would be ""
    • Example 2: (for a second student with a similar name as Bob Cat) whose name is Barbara Cat - the COCC email address would be "" and so on for other students with similar names.

Look up your email address

To Lookup Your Email Address AND Reset Password

The original email password is unknown, so if you forget your password you will have to visit the Password Manager to either activate or reset your password.

Password Manager

How to Change your Username

Please bring current identification to Admissions located in the Boyle Education Center (BEC) mall area.

How to Change your Password

To change your Office 365 login password, from any COCC on-campus PC you must be logged into the PC with your valid login information and then from the keyboard hold down the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys and you will have the change password option.

Off campus if you know your password, we recommend you register to use the COCC Password Manager, Once you register, you will be able to reset your email password any time!

Additional Notes and Help Information

  • If you do NOT see a COCC email address listed on the page you are likely not currently assigned a COCC email address.
  • For information about how student email accounts are assigned review the information posted in Single Sign-On FAQ.
  • All COCC Staff members are restricted from seeing your password we do not know it, but we can help you reset it.
  • Once you change an account password you should be the only person who knows what it is.
  • If you are having trouble resetting your password or activating your account through the COCC Password Manager system you will need to stop by the Pioneer computer lab during their business hours or call 541-383-7716 to get help.

Need More Assistance?

Contact one of the drop-in Computer Labs or call Student Technical Support at 541-383-7716 for assistance.