Lab Attendants

See the Lab Attendanton duty at the attendant station for help with any of the following:

  • Logging onto Campus Computers
  • College Email, Blackboard and Bobcat Web Account
  • Basic use of most MS Office Programs
  • Basic Internet Explorer Use
  • Using the Campus Wireless
  • Printing Problems
  • Computer Crashes
  • Using our Scanners
  • Checking out Headphones

Lab Attendants are notresponsible for:

  • Helping people with issues not pertinent to the scope of the responsibilities listed above.
  • Helping students do their class-work and/or homework.
  • Showing/teaching students,faculty and/or staff how to use a software package.
  • Loading software on personal laptops.
  • Fixing problems on personal laptops.
  • Providing change to students (please see Lab Coordinator, Bookstore or Library Circulation desk).
  • Providing printing reimbursements.
  • Talking to, and helping people with their personal problems.
  • Helping faculty proctor/watch their class when they are not in session.
  • Watching over student belongings.