Color Printing

Color Printing is available in all Computer Labs.

Cost is .15 per page

Payment is made with a COCC ID card or a purchased generic card only.  ***Cash is never accepted***

How to select the color printer:

  • From your application at your computer
  • Select File>Print
  • Using the drop down menu>select the color printer
  • The printer name will be the abbreviation of the lab you are using and the room number followed by other wording but starting with "Color..."
    • "BEC159 Color..."
    • "PIO200 Color..."
    • "RTC137 Color..."
  • You may not have this option if you use quick print

Choosing a different printer may change the original format of a document.  Remember to preview your document again before printing.

We are not responsible for output that is unsatisfactory due to formatting errors and do not have the means to give refunds.

If you have any questions or need assistance please ask a computer lab attendant for help.