Account Overviews

Confused by all the computer technology at COCC? Ask a lab attendant for help or for an Account Overview!

Do you have a COCC technology account question?

  • How many accounts do COCC students have?
  • Can I make all of my passwords the same?
  • Is there a password reset option for my email account?
  • What is Office 365?
  • How do I download Office 2013/2016 on my personal computer?

Do you have a general questions?

  • Why are some of my classes not displayed in Bb?
  • Can I bring my coffee into a computer classroom?
  • Where is the academic calendar?
  • Where can I find out what is happening on campus?
  • Where can I sell used text books besides the bookstore?
  • How do I check the campus Lost and Found from my computer?
  • Is there an easy way to contact my instructor using COCC email?
  • Can COCC students use the OSU Cascades computer lab?

For More Information Call

  • The Pioneer Computer Lab: 541-383-7722
  • BEC Computer Lab: 2199 on campus only
  • Redmond Building 3 Computer Lab: 541-504-2904
  • Redmond Technology Education Center Computer Lab: 541-504-2954