Suggested Steps to Conduct APR



Suggested Steps to Conduct Academic Program Review (APR)
Last revised, 8/31/17

Below are suggested steps for conducting APR. The approach to APR should be appropriate to the needs, the culture, and the interests of the discipline. Because the steps are suggestions, the steps used by the discipline to undergo the APR process may not resemble exactly those listed below.

Step 1:
Attend the annual APR Prep Workshop at the beginning of the academic year. Suggested attendees are:

  • Full-time faculty within the discipline,
  • Department chair,
  • Department administrative assistant,
  • Program Director,
  • Adjunct and Part-time faculty within the discipline.

Step 2:
Instructional dean responsible for the discipline will schedule the first discipline meeting as soon after the APR Prep Workshop as possible. At this meeting, participants will:

  • Review steps to conduct APR.
  • Modify or develop discipline-specific APR steps,
  • Identify discipline faculty who will participate on the APR Discipline Team. Suggested APR Discipline Team roles are:
  • Develop a general schedule/timeline for your APR. It may help to work backwards from the report due date of April 1, and build in time for discipline discussion, a rough draft, time for feedback on the draft, and final edits. Below is a suggested timeline with corresponding activities.

Fall Term

  • APR Discipline Teams will be invited to the APR Data 101 Workshop to review the data made available for APR.
  • APR Discipline Teams research and organize their work, articulate assignments for discipline faculty, and request more data from IE, if appropriate.
  • Discipline Leads request that discipline faculty review key questions and data sets and summarize their responses. Use any communication tools familiar with your discipline (N drive, Blackboard, google docs)
  • Discipline leads plan winter term activities and communicate with APR Discipline Team and discipline faculty and staff.
  • Discipline Teams conducting faculty surveys draft and disperse questions accordingly. (see past example here)

Winter Term

  • Hold planned meetings of discipline faculty to discuss findings and develop consensus on report message as needed.
  • Discipline leads coordinate presentation date in April or May with Office of VPI.
  • Report writer sends first draft to APR Discipline Team, discipline faculty and staff and instructional dean for feedback. (The team needs to set date for first draft and due date for feedback.)
  • Report writer integrates appropriate feedback and submits final report to department chair and instructional dean.

Step 3:
Department Chair submits APR report to VPI by April 2.

Step 4:
APR presentation to COCC community (including Presidents Advisor Team) in April or May.

Step 5:
ResponseTeam reviews and provides responses and summary to APR Discipline Team and VPI (May or June).

Step 6:
APR Response Team summary posted to web by July 1.

Step 7:
Early next academic year: discipline considers APR response and sets annual goals.