APR Logistics

    1. Each academic discipline will conduct an APR at least every five years. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction will maintain the APR Review Schedule. Career and Technical Education disciplines that undergo independent accreditation are encouraged to align their APR review with their accreditation cycle. That could mean doing APR before, the same year, or after an accreditation visit.

    2. Early fall, instruction will offer an APR Preparation Workshop for discipline leads, faculty and staff to learn about the APR process, resources, and timeline. This is the first step in the APR process for discipline's undergoing review.

    3. Early fall, disciplines will be provided access to an APR Data Set to support responding to the review. The data sets are maintained by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) and are aligned with the APR Key Questions that form the basis of the review. The APR Data Set will be introduced at the APR Preparation Workshop, and a more in-depth review of the data will be provided at a separate APR Data 101 workshop. Discipline leads are encouraged to seek additional data as deemed useful from IE.

    4. During the year of the program review, the discipline lead facilitates a discussion across the discipline to include full and part-time faculty, using the APR Key Questions as a guideline to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, goals, and needs of the discipline. Funds are available to support the participation of part-time and adjunct faculty in program review.

    5. Disciplines will prepare a written report using the APR Key Questions as the outline and include any appendices that are appropriate to provide context to the report.

    6. The discipline leads are encouraged to share drafts with their chair and dean. Once the report is final, the discipline lead will obtain their chairs signature confirming receipt of the report, and submit the APR report and any appendices deemed appropriate to support the narrative to the Office of the VPI by the report due date.

    7. During APR Year 2 (2017-18), disciplines will present their APR findings to an audience of college stakeholders who might include members of the Presidents Advisory Team, instructional administrators, and other interested faculty and staff. This presentation provides an engagement opportunity outside of the written report to extend the reach of program review and expose a bigger audience to the strengths and needs of the discipline. COCCs VPI will mentor any discipline lead who chooses to conduct a presentation.

    8. A Response Team will convene each spring to read APR reports submitted for the given year, attend presentations, and provide written feedback to the discipline in the form of a Response.
      The Response Team will consist of the following people:
      The first two positions will vary with each review.
      • Lead: Dean responsible for discipline
      • VPI or second Dean (selected by VPI)
      The next three members will be the same for all reviews. The faculty members will be selected by the VPI, with consultation with the Faculty Forum president, and serve two years alternating terms to allow for overlap.
      • Tenured faculty member from CTE
      • Tenured faculty member from Transfer
      • Staff member from outside of instruction (selected by VPI)

    9. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction will post the APR report and Response to the APR web page on the COCC web site.

    10. The APR process and resources are modified annually to introduce improvements and align with institutional priorities. Participants in the process are encouraged to provide feedback on the process each year.