APR Data Set

APR Data Tables:

Data tables for disciplines undergoing APR in 2017-18 are available in designated N: drive folders Button - Data Request Form

Additional Resources to Support APR.

Use the links below to further explore answers to APR Key Questions.

Note: Data found in current Course Completion and Enrollment reports linked below will be complete on October 14th


2017-18 APR Key Question Link to Resource

Q3.c. Other Curricular Issues - Online and Hybrid


Successful Course Completions - APR - Online Hybrid tab

Q3.d. Other Curricular Issues - North Campus Offerings


Successful Course Completions - APR RMP tab

Q4.a. Student Learning Outcomes - Course Level


Learning Outcomes Argos Report Documentation
Q4.b. Student Learning Outcomes - Program Level


Program Assessment Reports
Q5.d. Enrollment and Completion - Student Demographics


Enrollment by Year - Credit Students by Major tab
Q5.e. Enrollment and Completion - Completions


Awarded Degrees and Certificates - Overall Completions Tab
Q6.b. Enrollment and Completion - Student FTE and Headcount


Enrollment by Year - Credit Enrollment by Prog/Subj Tab

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