Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Brynn Pierce, Director - Chris Egertson, Research Analyst - Susan Galecki, Research Specialist
Reports to Matt McCoy, Vice President for Administration
Located in the Boyle Education Center - Upstairs

Purpose: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness fosters college-wide continuous quality improvement by supporting research, planning and assessment efforts.

To achieve the purpose, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) supports the Colleges fulfillment of the following roles:

  • Accountability
  • Assessment and Effectiveness
  • Data Management and Stewardship
  • Planning
  • Reporting

Accountability: Reporting required for COCC to remain in compliance with external entities

  • Manage and submit mandated State and Federal data sets
  • Support accreditation, both institutional and academic program specific
  • Support grant development and evaluation

Assessment and Effectiveness: Measuring success of the institution, program or activity

  • Assist in the evaluation of the Strategic Plan
  • Support the evaluation of COCC programs and activities
  • Support development and implementation of Academic Program Review and Administrative Unit Review
  • Administer institutional (CCSSE, Graduate Survey, etc.) and program specific surveys
  • Support the College Planning and Assessment Team (CPAT) in managing the institutional planning and assessment calendar, an inventory of assessment activities and aligning the assessment activity to best inform planning

Data Management and Stewardship: Foster a cohesive approach to managing/utilizing data

  • Create an awareness of data reported externally to develop ownership and sustainability internally
  • Continuous improvement of displaying/communicating College information, making it available for decision-making
  • Respond to Federal and State mandated reporting changes, updating and maintaining data fields, tables, extracts, processes and documentation
  • Standing membership on the Data Stewardship Advisory Committee (DSAC)

Planning: Supporting, developing and aligning planning at the College

  • Support the College Planning and Assessment Team (CPAT) by providing administrative management and support towards their work developing, marshaling the implementation of and evaluating the strategic plan
  • Providing data and analysis to requesters to learn more in order to plan an action/activity/intervention
  • Preparing institutional reports used to explore and plan next steps moving forward

Reporting: Providing internal and external audiences access to basic College information

  • Standard enrollment reports
  • External requests for college information through surveys or formal information requests
  • Internal adhoc data requests