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Program Outcomes

Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree Outcomes

Courses offered by the Humanities Department help students meet the following AAOT degree outcomes:

Arts and Letters

  • Interpret and engage in the Arts & Letters, making use of the creative process to enrich the quality of life; and
  • Critically analyze values and ethics within a range of human experience and expression to engage more fully in local and global issues.


  • Read actively, think critically, and write purposefully and capably for academic and, in some cases, professional audiences;
  • Recognize and articulate the need for information, and then locate, evaluate, and ethically utilize information to communicate effectively; and
  • Demonstrate appropriate reasoning in response to complex issues.

Information Literacy outcomes and criteria will be embedded in the Writing Foundational Requirements courses.


Some Humanities Courses also meet the following degree outcome:

Cultural Literacy

  • Identify and analyze complex practices, values, and beliefs and the culturally and historically defined meanings of difference.