Interview Arrangements and Travel

Have you been selected for an interview at Central Oregon Community College?

Out-of-area candidates selected to interview for professional positions (Administrative, FT Faculty, Adjunct Faculty)  may be eligible for interview travel reimbursement for travel, lodging and meals. A typical interview itinerary may include a combination of a formal committee interview, a campus wide presentation given by the candidate, meetings with College leadership, a campus tour, and lunch or dinner with multiple College employees. Lunch and dinner are an extension of the interview, therefore no spouses or domestic partners are invited.  COCC expects that candidates travel via the least expensive route to the interview.

  • Travel by Air: The closest airport is Roberts Field in Redmond (RDM), Oregon.  Information is available about air carriers, flight schedules, parking, car rental, ground transportation, and terminal services at*Non-cash/Frequent Flyer Miles purchases are not covered.  Please make sure you keep a receipt of your ticket purchase price (not just an itinerary).
  • Travel by Personal Vehicle:  Mileage can be reimbursed at the current federal mileage rate. MapQuest provides detailed directions and online maps.
  • Rental Car: Expenses can be reimbursed for up to two days (not to include gas receipts for use of the rental car).
  • Lodging: Expenses can be reimbursed for one night's lodging. See Visit Bend for a list of lodging options.
  • Meals: Expenses can be reimbursed for up to two days (not to include any additional guests). Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.


Interview-related expenses (overall procedure):

Expenses are shared by the candidate and COCC. The college will reimburse candidates for one half of their travel/interview related expenses (transportation, lodging, meals) up to $400 maximum. The candidate hired may receive an additional $400 if one half of the expenses have not been reimbursed by the first $400. For example:

  • Example 1: $2000 total expenses incurred. While 1/2 the expenses = $1000, the college will only reimburse $400 as the max for the interview. The successful candidate would then receive another $400 to reach the $800 maximum while still under 1/2 of the total expenses.
  • Example 2: $400 total expenses incurred. Half of the expenses = $200. The college will reimburse for $200 (1/2 under $400). The successful candidate would not be eligible for any further reimbursement since the college has already met the "1/2 of expenses" obligation.

To request reimbursement, attach this Travel Reimbursement Form to your receipts and mail them to Human Resource, 2600 NW College Way, Newberry Hall, Bend, OR 97703 or scan/email them to