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Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment & DiscriminationPolicy & Training

The goal of Central Oregon Community the College is to providean atmosphere that encourages our faculty, staff and students torealize their full potential. In support of this goal, it is thepolicy of the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directorsthat there will be no discrimination or harassment on the basis ofage, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color,race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status in anyeducational programs, activities or employment.

Under the College policy, discriminatory and harassing behaviorswill not be tolerated and it is the responsibility of every memberof the COCC community to ensure that this policy is strictlyenforced. This includes notifying all members of the campuscommunity their rights and responsibilities under the COCCnon-discrimination and harassment policy.

The online course will take approximately 30-45minutes to complete. You will be tested at the end of theprogram and asked to print out a certificate of completion to sendto the Human Resource Department.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the trainingprogram or COCC's Sexual Harassment Policy, please contact HumanResources at 383-7216 or

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