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Give Today - Sholarship Fund

Since 1949 Central Oregon Community College has been changing lives. Funding scholarships for students at COCC is the single, most powerful way to change individuals' lives for the better and our community, forever. You may mark your donation as being in memory of, or honoring someone special. You may also choose to make your gift recurring. 

What Can Your Donations Do?
$100 Scholarship Support
$500 Scholarship Support
$1,500 Tuition for One Term
$2,250 Tuition for Half the Year
$4,500 Tuition for One Year

Give Today - Student Emergency Fund

While COCC is working to continue to offer essential services to our students who already face high rates of housing and food insecurity, COVID-19 has further threatened their well-being. A high number of COCC students have had their jobs and other livelihoods stripped away. While they are resilient and determined, these students often come from low-income families and do not have other resources or safety nets. 

COCC students’ ability to pursue further training and education is severely threatened. By providing relief aid, we will ensure students are better able to stay in school now. All funds donated will help with childcare, rent, food, tuition assistance and other emergent needs.


Scholarships Change Lives

Your donation is not just a charitable gift – it is an investment that will continue to grow in the form of forever changing the lives of our students and the community we share.

Our scholarships provide financial support, but for many students being a scholarship recipient means something more. It means that someone believes in them enough to provide them with the financial resources needed to attend COCC. It means that someone else believes in their dreams.


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Give Today - Student Emergency Fund

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Give Today - Sholarship Fund

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Give Today - Student Emergency Fund