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COCC Scholarship Donors

Donors, in making gifts to scholarships, make a lasting impact on the lives of students. The COCC Foundation thanks the following Businesses, Organizations and Individuals who have given directly to scholarships during 2014. Thank you!

Dr. Charles Abasa-Nyarko
Bruce Abernethy and
Dr. Mary Meador
Patricia Abrahams
Cora Agatucci
Eric and Marlene Alexander
Leonard and Renee Alexander
Lili Alpaugh and Judith Deimel
Ron and Dee Anderson
Stephanie Andre
Sharla and Todd Andresen
Linda Andrus
Betty Apperson
Kitten Aspell
Peter and Gwen Bachman
John Baehr
Peter and Patrice Baer
Barbara Bagg
Keith and Melissa Bagwell
Brad and Lisa Bailey
Galen Baker
Gary and Dixie Baker
Larry and Rachel Baker
Delbert and Rita Barber
Drs. Robert Barber and
Wendy Howard
Jerry and Chris Barnes
Thomas and Seana Barry
Brian Bell and Karen Shepard
Gary Bell and Wendy Maciel
John and Patty Bentley
Jim and Joanne Bergmann
Jay and Lynda Bettesworth
Leon and Marjorie Biggers
Wendy Birnbaum
Don Bishop
Nanette and Mick Bittler
Roger and Linda Bjorvik
Jeffrey and Lora Blackburn
Dick and Astrid Blackwell
Michael Bloom
Lisa and Daniel Bloyer
Beth Bolles
Emily Bonavia
Yvonne and Hank Boni
Zachary and Jennifer Boone
Dr. Jon Bouknight and Lisa
Matthew and Annette Bowler
Drs. Ed Boyle and Ida Alul
Brent and Kathleen Bradley
Kelly Brawner
Bruce and Susan Bray
John Breeden
Dominic and Cheryl Bregante
Bob and Dellie Brell
Jack and Terry Brewer
Jim Brooks
Charlie and Sally Brown
Tanya and Gary Bruce
Julia and Bob Bryant
Nolina Bryant
Ron and Wilda Bryant
Steve and Laura Bryant
Drs. Knute and Patricia Buehler
Steve and Toni Buettner
Roxanne Burger-Wilson
Ruth Burleigh
Bill and Marilyn Burwell
John Byington
Steve and Johnita Callan
Frank and Jane Cammack
Karen Cammack
Thomas and Nancy Carlsen
Mary Carlson
Patti and Peter Carlson
Marjorie Carmen
Dr. Kit and Sandi Carmiencke
Tom and Sue Carroll
Pam Carty
Dr. Ron and Mary Carver
John and Joan Casey
Peter Casey
Jodi Cashman
Geraldine Casimiro
Donald and Heidi Castleman
Chuck and Kathy Chackel
Fred Chaimson and
Carole Nuckton
Sue Cheatham
Garrett Chrostek and
Kristin Chatf ield
Gerrald and Sharron Church
Dr. William and Cynthia Claridge
Melinda and Mark Clark
Jill Gelineau and Chris Clemow
Dolores Coffin
Paul and Carrie Coil
Wanda Coil
Anne Cole
Jeffrey and Diane Cole
Dr. Thomas Comerford and
Pamela DiDente
Patrick and Mary Coons
Scott and Laura Cooper
Mark and Gigi Copeland
Jerry and Michelle Cordova
Dr. Pierce and Wilene Cornelius
Ron Corno
Arthur and Cindy Cox
Tracy Crockett
Jim and Judy Crowell
Donald and Susan Crum
Robert Currie and
Elayne Logan-Currie
Jane and Greg Custer
Kaitlin Dahliquist
Elizabeth Daniels
Deborah Davies
Mike and Gail Davis
Matt and Lesley Day
Virginia de Kat
Michele Decker
Tom and Cathy Del Nero
Greg Delgado
Ann Delmore
Patti Dewey
Jean Dillard
David and Gigi Ditz
Don and Karen Dodd
Kenneth and Bonnie Dodd
Keith Dodge
Chris and Stacey Dodson
Jim and Mary Doherty
Richard and Joanne Donaca
Ed Donohue
Dr. Stacey Donohue and
Michael Van Meter
Mark and Karen Douglas
Dr. Lucian Jones and
Sarah Douglas
John and Diane Douglass
Bill Douglass
Beverly Downer
Doug Downer
Dr. Jeffrey and Jennifer Drutman
Felice DuBois
Karolyn DuBois
William and Norma DuBois
John and Alex Eakin
Dr. Mark and Brenda Eberle
Kathie Eckman
Anita and Carl Elliott
James and Debbie Ellis
Bruce and Dawn Emerson
Roxana Ermisch
Mary Geales Ernst
Wayne and Shirley Eshelman
Ted Faure
Priscilla Faux
Dr. Ron and Sandy Federspiel
Jim and Patty Felton
John and Mimi Fettig
Jennifer Fields
Brenda and Timothy Finkle
Cat Finney
Thomas and Leanna Fisher
Dr. Tom Fitzsimmons and
Leslie Parisi
Jason and Ann Fleck
Ron and Molly Foerster
David and Kitri Ford
Neal and Clarice Forester
Dr. Thomas and Sally Foster
Win and Laurel Francis
Bette and Jeff Fraser
Brian and Amy Fratzke
Rick and Noelle Fredland
Maryanne Freedman and
Dennis Magill
Kevin and Theresa Freihoefer
Jo Frew
Kalea Friant
David and Carol Friedley
Pat and Bob Fulton
Dr. John and Teresa Gallagher
Dr. Ryan and Julie Gallivan
Cora Gangware and Steve Ashton
Robert Garber
Joanne Gehlert
Candace Gillette
Diana and Warren Glenn
Tracy Glenn
Murray Godfrey
Yoko Godlove
Stephanie Goetsch
Anne Goldner
Neal and Gertrude Goldsmith
Ana Gomez
Michael and Julie Gonsalves
Ken and Michelle Goodin
Georgia Goodwin Stephens and
Bill Hoffman
Aaron and Tracy Gordon
Hannah Gottsegen
Erik and Jessica Grabowski
Caren Graham
Katie Graham
Melanie Grandjacques
Clara Graves
Jeffrey and Nancy Greene
Bob and Fran Greenlee
Margie Gregory and
George Blackman
Jody and Dennis Griff in
Zeb Griff in
Donald and Darhl Guinn
Thomas and Margaret Gunn
Bradley Gust
Macaela Guthrie
Viki Haertel
Deborah and Edward Hagan
Mark and Lola Hagman
Suzanne Hall
Annemarie Hamlin
Jill Haney-Neal and Robert Neal
Michael and Colette Hansen
Rodney Hanson
Dr. Ron and Beth Hanson
Stephen Hanus
Lezlee Haroun
Amy Harper
Suzanne Hatch
Peter and Tana Hatton
Gary and Judy Heck
Lee Heckman and Kristina Blair
Jane Heiby
Dustin and Molly Heidtke
Franz and Cheri Lee Helfenstein
Mary and Olin Helmly
Matt and Susan Henderson
Joe Hendricks and Hazel Reeves
Darrell Henrichs
Dr. Erin Walling and
Doug Hermanson
Lydia Hernandez
Vikki and Gary Hickmann
Joan and Jim Hinds
Brent and Lynne Hite
Mark Hobbs
Tom Hockett
John and Lari Hodecker
Dr. Gary and Judy Hoffman
Mike and Sue Hollern
Dr. Sandra Holloway
Earle and Sandra Honnen
Michael Hopp
Fred and Vicky Hornback
Coby and Heidi Horton
Julie Hotchkiss
John and Renee Houston
Barnett Howard
Amy Howell
John and Debra Howes
Bette Huber
Mark and Angie Hubler
Dr. Karen and Wilbur Huck
Shelley and David Huckins
Linda Hudder
Neal and Jodie Hueske
Christopher Hughes
Teresa Humphrey and Lon Ulmer
Bruce and Peggy Humphreys
Valerie Hunter
Trudy Hurst-Quinn
Neal and Linda Huston
Robert and Danielle Hyde
Steve and Julie Imes
Jeff and Kathy Ingelse
Beverlee R. Jackson
Clark Jackson
Jerry and Kim Jackson
Henrik and Melinda Jahn
John and Nancy James
Jay and Alyce Jantzen
Bill and Shirley Jayne
Cynthia and Michael Jeffreys
Bryant and Rhonda Jeter
Joe and Leslie Jezukewicz
Craig Johannesen
Kirk and Judi Johansen
Anita Johnson
Jannelle Johnson
Dr. Rebecca Johnson and
Lori Elkins
Becky Jones and Kris Olsen
Barbara Jordan
Bonnie Jordan
Terry and Bruce Juhola
Frank and Julie Jungers
John Justesen
Linda and Pat Kallal
Toni Kampert
Jill Kaufmann
Kirsten Kebbel
Julie and Quentin Keener
Christina Kelly
Brad and Melissa Kent
Joel and Rachel Kent
Nancy Kerins
Gerry Kim
Kevin and Karen Kimball
Larry and Kathleen Kimmel
Brent and Peggy Kinkade
Janet Kirsch
Karen Kjemhus-Spahr and
Art Spahr
Pat and Pam Klampe
Jim and Judi Knapp
Drs. Albert Koch and
Quinn Scallon
Michael Kontich
Ginger Korn
Dr. Steven Kornfeld and
Terry Chianello
Robert Koskey
Mark and Kathy Kralj
Jim and Jane Kress
Dianne and Nils Kristiansen
Donald and Louise Krumm
Joan S. Kuperstein
Ron and Anita Kutella
Ed LaChapelle
Beth Lamb
Lowell and Ruth Lamberton
Dawn Lane
Glenda Lantis
George and Thiel Larson
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Lear
Roger and Kristen Lee
Warren and Nancy Lee
Deborah Lehto
Anthony Levison
Tia Lewis
Leanna and Daniel Leyes
Sharon Lichti
Drs. Ralph and Janet Litchf ield
Mary Long
Richard and Pamela Longton
Scott and Kristy Lovejoy
Bob and Chris Lovlien
James and Marjorie Lussier
Dr. Gregory Lyons
Jane MacDonald
Dr. Allan and Mabel MacKenzie
Mildred MacKenzie
Terry and Courtney MacMillan
Lorchid and William Macri
Victor and Wendy Mader
Emilie Marlinghaus
Larry and Connie Marshall
Morris Martin
Robin Martinez
John and Sylvia Mathews
Jade Mayer and
Romy Mortensen
Ken and Jacque Mays
Dan and Sara McCarthy
Wayne and Linda Mccaulley
Sarah McCool
Jill and Daniel McCormick
Barbara and Jack McCown
Matt and Renee McCoy
Darren McCrea
Marcia McCullough
John McDonald
Kim McGhee
Tim and Martha McGinnis
Anne McKinney
Tom and Sonya McLaughlin
Dr. Bruce and Eileen McLellan
John and Alicia Mehlis
Jeff and Patsy Melville
Rick and Stephanie Merritt
Aimee and Tate Metcalf
Dr. Shirley and Wayne Metcalf
Linda and Philip Meurer
Dale Meyer and Janeanne Upp
Dr. James and Susan Middleton
Esther and Ron Milan
Ruthe Milan
Susan Milan
Charley and Lauri Miller
Dennis and Julie Miller
Harry and Michelle Miller
Peter and Susie Miller
Alicia and Robert Moore
Craig and Lynn Moore
James and Shawna Moore
Carol and Rod Moorehead
Jane Morrow
Sally and Mark Morton
Julie Mosier
Patricia and Greg Moss
Kevin Multop
Kevin and Tara Myers
Charles and Cindy Naffziger
Judy and Jason Neel
Doug Nelson and Renee Smit
Susan and Craig Nelson
Susan Neubauer
Dr. Norwyn and Barbara Newby
Brittany and Cameron Nichols
Marti Nickoli
Rick and Susie Nissen
Vuyisiles Nkomo
Robert and Claudia Nordquest
Corinne Nordstrom
Drew Norris
Phil and Andi Northcote
Sanders and Danielle Nye
Stephen OBrien
Thomas OBrien and Leslie Koc
Pat and Sharon Oliver
Dr. Marinus Koning and
Dr. Patricia ONeill
Mary Oppenheimer
Mary Orton
David and Judy Osgood
Dennis and Carol OShea
Terry OShea
Nancy Ottenfeld
Christine Ott-Hopkins
John and Yvonne Overbay
James Padilla
Ron and Judy Paradis
Maria Pardo
Corey and Amy Parks
Ed Payne
Skip and Lynda Paznokas
Joan Pease
Jennifer and Steven Peters
Kathy Phillips
Sue Phillips
Brynn and Ben Pierce
Rebecca Plassmann and
Dorothy Leman
Pierre and Jeni Podrebarac
Robert and Susan Polykronis
Richard and Janet Powers
Arthur and Jean Pozzi
Deak and Barbara Preble
Mark and Theresa Pressey
Michael and Sally Pressler
Wes Price and
Angie Jacobson Price
Helen and Maurice Pruitt
Jonathan Pugsley and
Joan Demarest
Jeff and Maria Pullig
Wayne Purcell
Jim and Mitzi Putney
Doug and Kristi Putschler
Rich Pyzik and Kristen McCown
Dr. Darla Quesnell
Shelly Ransom and John Armour
Rod and Lori Ray
Shirley Ray
Chip and Michelle Reeves
Warren Regan and Arleen Vallejo
Mark Reinecke
Jennifer Reuter
Jon and Pauline Rhoads
Barbara Rich
Jeff Richardson
Beverly Riddle
Robin Ridinger
Tom and Laury Riley
Joseph Riordan
James and Debbie Ritzenthaler
Ron and Karen Robbel
Janine Robberson
Peter and Julie Robertson
David and Jill Rosell
Judy Rosen
Joan and Ron Ross
Pat and Darlene Ross
Karen Roth
Steven and Bevalee Runner
Vicki and Vic Russell
Craig and Angela Russillo
Jan and Patrick Rutty
Rick and Martha Samco
Carol Sampson
Roger and Mary Sanders
Evelia Sandoval
Bill and Debbie Scherrer
John and Demy Schleicher
Patricia Schmidt
Tom and Janet Schmitt
Bob and Janice Schock
Greg and Vickee Schons
Jane Schroeder
Jerry and Char Schulz
Edward and Louise Sea
Ken and Betty Seidel
Judy Setzer
Theodore and Louise Shepard
Phyllis Short
Dennis Simenson
Travis and Gina Simmons
Kiri and Pat Simning
Paula Simone
Brenda Simpson
Betsy Skovborg
Jay and Yvonne Smith
Katherine Smith and
Brady Bedsworth
Kellie and Lawrence Smith
Trish and Bill Smith
Peyton and Linda Smith
Sally Sorenson
Laurel and Oscar Sorlie
Eric Spieth
Ray Spreier
Nikki Squire
Cristi and Randy Steiert
Charles and Patricia Stephany
Dr. Mark Sternfeld
Don and Susie Stevens
Ken Stewart
Eileen Stith
Bruce and Jeanne Strange
Jeff and Amanda Stuermer
Jo Anne Sutherland
David and Madeline Swan
Ardyce and Jim Swift
Don and Carolyn Swisher
Hubert Staudigel and Lisa Tauxe
Joyce Taylor
Mark Taylor
Todd and Lorri Taylor
Paul and Christine Telenko
Patricia Tennant
Ann Thomas
Bob and Clella Thomas
Clyde and JoAnn Thompson
Clyde and Penny Thornburg
Don and Judith Thornburg
Tom and Mary Tomjack
Cinnie Tomlinson
Jon and Kay Tompkins
Matt and Diana Tomseth
Dana Topliff
Shelly Ann and Todd Turner
Dr. John Teller and Amy Tykeson
Jan and Martha Underwood
Jennifer Valentine
Vicki Van Buren
Helen Vandervort
Daniel Vice
Vickery Viles and John Millslagle
Janis and Charles Volz
Donald and Diane Wadsworth
Chris and Laura Wald
Sally Walker
Dr. Rebecca Walker-Sands
Dr. Kathy Walsh
James and Cindy Warburton
Jody Ward
Betsy Warriner
Lucky and Bernadette Warwick
Hayden and Kristin Watson
Katherine Weaks
Stacey Weaks
Jim and Tamara Weaver
Martha Weaver
Mary Ellen Weaver
Jeff and Lori Weichman
Warren and La Juana West
Steven Wetherald
Courtney Whetstine
Chris and Jan Wick
Dr. Rod and Carla Wigle
Claudia Wilferd-Morton and
Glen Morton
Ken and Sue Wilhelm
Barbara Williams
Gardner and Pamela Williams
Kathy Williams
Linda and Buzz Williams
Rick and Karyn Williams
Joe Willis and Judy Koford
Josh Willis
Sandy Wilson and Pamela Toler
Richard and Sally Wilson
Rod and Candace Wimer
David Winter
Claire Witkowsky
Mary Wonser
Andria Woodell
Beverly Woolhiser
Kyle Wuepper and Sarah
James and Kelly Ann Young
Walda Young
Zelda Ziegler

Businesses & Organizations
Absolute Images
Albertson Trucking, Inc
Allied Arts Club
Avion Water Co. Inc.
Ball Janik LLC
Bank of the Cascades
Barbara Emily Knudson
Charitable Foundation
Bend Foundation
Bend Garbage and Recycling
Bend Memorial Clinic
Bend Pet Express
Bend Research
Bend Sunrise Lions Club
Bigfoot Beverages
Bryant Enterprises LLC
Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis PC
C.E. Lovejoys Brookswood Market
Carlson Sign
Cascade Chorale Association
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Central Oregon Classic
Chevy Club
Central Oregon Radiology
Associates, PC
Central Oregon Retired Educators
Charlie Every Trucking
Classic Coverings & Design Inc.
COCC Computer/Information
Systems Department
COCC Culinary Department
COCC Diversity Committee
COCC Faculty Forum
Craig and Susan Nelson
Daughters of The American
Deschutes Brewery
Deschutes United Way
Douglass Business Services
Eberhard Dairy Products
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fireside Spa & Patio
First Presbyterian Church of Bend
Fratzke Commercial Real Estate
Friends of the Foundation
Greentree Enterprises, Inc
High Desert Region Porsche Club
of America
Horizon Broadcasting Group, LLC
Howard Cross Foundation
James Property Investments, LLC
Kaiser Permanente
Karnopp Petersen, LLP
Kirby Nagelhout Construction
Lease Crutcher Lewis
Leonard Tingle Foundation
LMH Industries Inc.
McDonalds USA, LLC
MDU Resources Foundation
Mid Oregon Credit Union
Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club
Mt. Bachelor, Inc.
NAPA Auto Parts
New York Life Insurance Off ice of
Government Affairs
Northline Wealth Management
The Oregon Community Foundation
Betty Gray Early Childhood
Endowment Fund
Casey Family Fund
Comerford DiDente Family Fund
Latino Partnership Project Fund
MacKenzie Family Fund
Nancy R. Chandler Visiting
Scholar Program
Robert and Janice Schock Fund
Star View Foundation Fund
Ward Family Fund
Robert G. Kirby Fund
Huson Family Fund
Oregon State Sheriffs Association
Overbay Development Company, LLC
PEO-AI Sisterhood
PEO-DE Sisterhood
Philips People Services
RBC Wealth Management
Redmond Service League
Renaissance Charitable
Foundation Inc.
Rotary Club of Bend
Rotary Club of Greater Bend
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, PC
Silicon Valley Community
St. Charles Health System
State Farm Companies Foundation
Sterling Transportation, Inc.
Stub Place LLC
Sundowner Capital
Management LLC
Sunriver Nature Center
Sunriver Resort
TDF Foundation
The Anjulicia Foundation
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
The Miller Lumber Company
The San Diego Foundation
Touchmark at Mt Bachelor
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
University of Oregon
University of Oregon Foundation
US Bank
Verizon Foundation
W. M. Keck Foundation
Warren John West, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Educational Matching
Gift and Community Program
Westside Tavern
Whispering Winds Retirement
William Smith Properties, Inc.
World Vision