COVID-19 Response and Reopening

2017-18 COCC Art Faculty Exhibition

All day, everyday starting 11/17/2017 through 12/15/2017

Upper COCC Campus - Grandview, Ochoco, Metolius, Modoc

Annual COCC Art Faculty Exhibition

Exhibition runs through December 15th. Art can be viewed during  COCC open hours, which are generally Monday - Friday from 8:00-5:00.  If there are classes being held, some buildings may be open later in the evening.

Bill Cravis and Paula Bullwinkel, ceramic sculpture and paintings - Grandview lobby

Jason Lamb and Bill Hoppe, digital illustration and prints -  Ochoco walls

Mo Carolin and Peter Meyer, ceramics - Ochoco display cases

Carolyn Platt and Karen Ellis, prints and mixed media - Science Center

Ian Factor, paintings and drawings - Metolius

Sam Fisch, 2D and 3D installation - Modoc

Information: Contact xyz