Reviewing and Acting on Awards

icon circle 1 Watch for an 'Award Notification'.

We will communicate with you through your COCC email account. Once you receive the 'Award Notification' email, this means aid package is complete and ready to accept or decline. We encourage you to read all of the email prior to accepting or decline their award.

icon circle 2 Review Your Award Offer.

Login to your Bobcat Web Account and follow the steps below.


  • Log into your Bobcat Web Account
  • Click on 'Student Services & Financial Aid'
  • Click on 'Financial Aid'
  • Click on 'My Award Information'
  • Click on 'Award by Aid Year'
  • Select appropriate aid year
  • Click on 'Accept Award Offer' tab

icon circle 3 Submit award decision by clicking the 'Submit Decision' button.

The amounts seen are calculated based on full-time enrollment (12+ credits) each term. You will need to review each fund and accept the aid you need to pay for tuition, fees and other educational expenses. It is wise to accept funds in this order.

  • Grants - COCC will accept the Federal Pell Grant for you. You will need to accept the Oregon Opportunity Grant and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, if they have been awarded. Grant money does not have to be repaid and is the best option to pay for your education. What grants are available at COCC?
  • Work-Study - Federal work-study is money that can be earned through part-time work on the COCC campus. Got questions about work-study?
  • Student Loans - Accept loans only after all other types of aid has been accepted. Loans do have to be repaid with interest to the Department of Education. You may accept partial loans or even one loan. Since loans must be repaid, ask a few questions before accepting: How much do I need to borrow? Can I borrow partial amounts instead? Learn more about student loans.


icon circle 4Did you accept any student loans?

If you are a first time loan borrower, two additional requirements will be requested to complete at

  1. Entrance Counseling -This counseling will explain the use of the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the impact of deferring interest (interest capitalization) on the loan balance, cost of the loan and helps you understand your rights and responsibilities.
  2. Signing the master promissory note (MPN) - This MPN is a legally binding contract between the borrower and the Department of Education listing all terms and conditions of a loans. It is very important to read and save this document because you may need to refer to it later when repaying loans. One final note: Loans for first time loan borrowers will be delayed for 30 days from the start of term.


Other steps:

After you complete all of these steps listed above, you are ready to receive your funds. If you do not have enough financial aid to assist with all educational expenses, we encourage you to apply for scholarships or use resources available to them. Such as: