Receiving Financial Aid Funding

Bookstore Credit

Registered students that are eligible for financial aid and who have sufficient aid to cover tuition and fees, may be eligible to charge books and supplies at the COCC Bookstore. To be eligible for a bookstore credit, all requested documents must be satisfied, aid offer must be accepted and you must be enrolled (not waitlisted). Check your Bobcat Web Account using the steps below to see if you have sufficient financial aid for a bookstore credit.

Click on 'Student Services and Financial Aid'
Click on 'Financial Aid'
Click on 'My Overall Status of Financial Aid'
Select appropriate aid year
Click on 'Messages'

Books and supplies charged will be deducted along with tuition/fees and other authorized charges from your total financial aid offer on tuition due date. The maximum bookstore credit available is $600 for a term depending on aid eligibility.

Bookstore Credits for the 2022-2023 Year

Summer 2022  May 31 - July 1 by noon
Fall 2022 August 22 - September 30
Winter 2023 December 5 - January 20
Spring 2023 March 6 - April 14

Receiving your Funds

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Wait for your disbursement
Funds are applied to your COCC account on the second Friday of each term. If you are a first time loan borrower at COCC or only borrowing for one term, the loan disbursement dates may be delayed. Click here for term specific information about disbursements.


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Receiving a refund
The Wednesday after aid has been applied, login to your Bobcat Web Account to see if a 'Refund Complete' is posted. Once this message is posted, it may take 2-14 days for you to receive funds.

Click on 'Student Services and Financial Aid'
Click on 'Tuition/Fees and Online Payment'