Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The COCC Financial Aid Office is required to establish and maintain a policy to monitor your progression towards your degree.  COCC will review each student's progress at the end of each term to determine what stage of progress they are in.  Below are the stages and a quick summary of each stage.  Click here to read the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  • Good Standing
    You are meeting or exceeding the SAP cumulative minimum standards of 2.0 GPA and 66.67% completion rate and are eligible for financial aid.
  • Warning
    If you do not meet the cumulative minimums of 2.0 GPA and 66.67% completion rate, then a SAP warning will be issued.  At the end of the next term you attend at COCC, your cumulative completion rate and GPA is calculated again.  If your cumulative GPA or completion rate does not meet the SAP standards, then your financial aid is suspended.
  • Suspension
    You did not meet the SAP standards and are not eligible for financial aid programs. This includes but not limited to federal, state, and institutional awards (loans, work-study, grants, and scholarships).  You may appeal your suspension through the appeal process if you have extenuating circumstance to why you did not meet SAP standards. If the appeal is approved, you will be placed on probation.  If the appeal is denied, you remain ineligible for financial aid until SAP standards are met.
  • Probation
    Since your appeal has been approved, you must meet your probation conditions each term at COCC.  If during the probation period, you do not meet the conditions, you will be ineligible for financial aid.
  • Ineligible
    You did not meet your probation conditions or your appeal has been denied.  You are not eligible for aid until the SAP standards are met.