Financial Aid Forms

Listed below are commonly used financial aid forms at Central Oregon Community College. Students are encouraged to visit their Bobcat Web Account to view and complete any requirements needed to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is advised to read instructions on each form carefully to ensure the form is completed accurately. Incomplete or unsigned forms will not be processed and will delay the processing of aid. Documents may be submitted to the Financial Aid Office in person, by fax, email or mail. Remember to include a student ID number on all documentation! You will need Adobe Acrobat to download and print these forms.

**Submit copies of forms only when they are requested.**

2018-2019 Forms
Adjustment Form
Alternative Loan Request
Alternative-PLUS Loan Budget Worksheets
Asset Verification
Child Support Paid Verification
Childcare Assistance
Citizenship Documentation
Clarification of Income - Dependent
Clarification of Income - Independent
Clarification of Marital Status
Employment Adjustment
Graduate or Professional Statement
High School Completion Status
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
Independent Status Appeal
Independent Status Confirmation
Maximum Credit Appeal
PLUS Loan Instructions
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
Selective Service
SNAP Benefit Verification
Special Conditions
Unusual Enrollment Explanation
Verification for Dependent
Verification for Independent