COCC Student Evaluations

Your Feedback Matters!

The information students provide in student evaluations is extremely important.

  • Faculty use information from student evaluations to improve their courses and teaching methods, and to determine whether course content is meeting the needs of their students.
  • Department chairs review student evaluation data to assess both their faculty, and the value of courses offered in their department.
  • College committees include student evaluation data as part of faculty reviews, to determine promotion and tenure.

When Student Evaluations Open

Students are notified via their COCC e-mail when their courses become eligible for evaluation, and are sent reminders during the evaluation period. Evaluations are accessed through Canvas or through links sent to students' COCC email which passes credentials and enrollment information to our student evaluations provider: EvaluationKit. Courses become available at varying times during the term, depending on the date of the last day of class. For full 10 week courses, evaluations become available two weeks before finals week.

Access Student Evaluations through Canvas:

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Click Account
  3. Click EvaluationKIT User

Alternatively, students can access the evaluation site by clicking the "Student Course Evaluations" link in the Canvas course menu. This link will appear in the course menu automatically when course evaluations are open.

Which courses are evaluated?

Two factors determine whether a course will be evaluated in a given term:

Faculty Status and Schedule

As of Fall 2017, all courses are evaluated: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. After teaching at COCC for six terms, full-time faculty are given the option of making their some of their evaluation results private. Evaluations for part-time and adjunct faculty are always reviewed.

Size and Course type

To preserve student anonymity, courses that have fewer than four students enrolled are not evaluated. In a few special cases, some courses may be evaluated outside the online system and performed via paper instead.

During the evaluation period, students who have not completed or opted out of (declined) each of their evaluations are sent regular e-mail reminders asking that they log in and finish their evaluations. Courses that have not yet been evaluated are listed on the reminders. Faculty may also choose to send reminder messages to students encouraging them to complete the online evaluations.

After Student Evaluations Close

The evaluation period for all courses closes at 11:59PM on the last Friday before Finals Week. After the closing date, the evaluations system will hold data until after faculty have submitted official term grades. Only after grades are processed does the online student evaluation data become available to faculty. Faculty are notified via e-mail when reports are ready for viewing. Faculty log into the system through Canvas, which allows them to pass securely through to the EvaluationKit servers to view their evaluations.

Evaluations are always 100% anonymous.

If grades are due the Wednesday after finals, reports become available at 8:00AM Thursday morning. Evaluation data is printed by department administrators and delivered to the Academic Deans and Department Chairs for review and filing.


If you have questions, or are experiencing trouble with the student evaluation system, you may reply directly to any automated student evaluations message or write