Microsoft Campus Agreement

Staff and Faculty
Central Oregon Community College (COCC) has purchased licenses via Campus Agreement and can distribute the software to faculty and staff. The software can be acquired from Elizabeth Allison Ext.7771 in the COCC ITS Department.

Records COCC Must Keep:
Per the Terms and Conditions of the Campus Agreement, COCC is required to maintain proper records of all users.

Required Records (retain permanently):

  1. Vendors who are reproducing the media and quantities
  2. Users who receive the media for Work at Home Use Rights
  3. All COCC owned or leased machines that are running the Software
    (Note: COCC does not need to keep records if all users of the software on school owned or leased machines, unless there is a possibility that unauthorized (non-academic) users may have access. If unauthorized (non-academic) users have access to the software, COCC should keep records on all users who have access to COCC owned or leased machines.)

Microsoft reserves the right to audit COCC during the term of the Campus Agreement for a period of one (1) year thereafter.
COCC maintains a database of faculty and staff users. Microsoft reserves the right to audit Users during the term of the Campus Agreement for a period of one (1) year thereafter.

Terms and Conditions for Faculty and Staff
In this agreement, the term User means COCC Faculty or Staff. The term College refers to COCC. This agreement, if signed by the User and the College, gives the User permission to run the Software (as defined below). To run a product means to copy, install, use, access, display, run or otherwise interact with the software.

The Campus Agreement program gives the User the right during this agreement (one fiscal year) to run ONE (1) copy of the Software (Microsoft Windows or Windows NT Workstation Upgrades; Microsoft Office Professional; Microsoft FrontPage; Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition; Microsoft BackOffice Client Access License; and MS Press Office Starts Here, Step-by-Step Interactive), for college-related activities, on either a laptop or desktop that the User may own or lease. The User has the option during the term of this agreement to run the most current version, or any previous version of the Software, in any available language in either a Macintosh or Windows version.

To qualify for the Campus Agreement, User must be a full-time or part-time staff or faculty member at COCC. The User has the right to run the Software only during the term of this agreement. If the college should decide NOT to renew the Microsoft Campus Agreement during the fiscal year OR should the User leave employment at COCC before the end of the fiscal year, the User must either; 1) Purchase a perpetual license for the Software, or, 2) Delete and remove Software from the laptop or desktop computer owned or leased by the User.

Note: Users are held personally responsible for unauthorized use of this unique software.

By signing this agreement, User is verifying the understanding of this agreement to the following items.

Please initial each statement:
____ I understand that the Software is provided for my use only.
____ I understand that no technical support (including installation) is provided by COCC.
____ I understand that minimum specification are required to run the Software.
____ I understand the if COCC does not renew this Agreement or exercise the buyout option or otherwise purchase perpetual licenses for the Software, I must uninstall (remove) the Software licensed under this agreement from my computer at the time the Agreement expires or is terminated.

____ I understand that I am not licensed to use the Software for personal purposes.

Print Name: ____________________________________________________

COCC ID: _______________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________

COCC ITS Representative: __________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________

____ Office Suite for Windows Version _______________________________

____ Office Suite for Macintosh Version ______________________________

____ Other (please specify) ________________________________________

Please copy the Key Code and staple to this agreement OR write key code below

Key Code:______________________________________________________

Paid: $ __________

Date: $ __________

ITS Initials: _______