COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Bb Known Issues

The following is a list of recently identified known issues regarding Blackboard Learn (Release 9.1) at COCC. The eLearning Department is aware of these issues and is working with Blackboard to provide fixes in future service packs to the system.

If you encounter any additional issues, please report them by contacting the eLearning Department at 541-383-7785 or

Recently Identified Issues

  1. Changing a Course Role for a User Results in Edit Mode off for all of their Courses
    Issue Description: If Users have changed their Edit mode to On and their role changes the Edit mode changes to back to Off upon going back to the Course.
    Workaround:The instructors need to glance at the top right of the page when you enter a course and verify the Edit Mode.

  2. Empty Files Submitted to Assignments and Content Collection for Microsoft Windows 10 Edge Users
    Issue Description: Files selected for Assignment submissions and Course Content become replaced with an empty file if a user of Microsoft Windows 10 and Edge browser has opened and closed the file after selection and before submission.
    Workaround #1: Do not open the source file after selecting it for upload into Blackboard Learn. Users should be advised to open files for inspection before accessing the area to which they wish to upload the file.
    Workaround #2: Use different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (see Issue 3).

  3. Empty Files Submitted to Assignments for Firefox and Chrome Users

    Issue Description: Files selected for assignment submissions are replaced with an empty file if the user has the document open on their desktop at the time of the upload.

    Workaround: Save and close all assignment files before uploading them to Blackboard.

  4. Turnitin - A draft submission message appears when an instructor tries to grade student submissions
    Issue Description: A message "This is a draft submission. Any and all marks will be deleted when or if the paper is resubmitted. Would you like to continue?" appears when an instructor attempts to click on a pencil icon to grade student's paper.
    Workaround: Click "OK" on the prompt to go to the grading screen. Turnitin has confirmed that instructor's feedback and any marks inserted will not be deleted.