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Course Copy FAQs

Copying your own content from term to term within Blackboard is the most efficient way to copy courses, but there are couple of helpful tips that can make the process easier.

Start with the Copying Course Content video and then browse the FAQs below.

Q: My assignments and tests in the content did not show up in my destination course.

Because Assignments are linked tothe Grade Center, in order for Assignments to successfully copy it is necessaryto select both the Content Area the assignment is in and Grade Center Columnsand Settings when performing a Course Copy.

Grade Center Columns and Settings

To copy tests and/or surveys, the contentarea the test or survey is located in, Tests, Surveys and Pools, and the GradeCenter Columns and Settings must be selected when performing a course copy. Besure to select all three options.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Q: The order of the course menu is different from my original course.

The order of your course menu maychange after the course copy due to the default template. Move your mousepointer over to the left side of the course menu item you wish to move thendrag and drop to change the order.

If youhave customized your course menu names, you may see empty content areas(Syllabus, Content) or Student Resources added to your menu. To delete the emptycontent area, point the right side of the item then click on a chevron to openthe context menu for a delete option.

Course Menu

Q: Grade Center has additional Total column butthere is no delete option available.

Ifthe Total (or Weighted Total) column has been renamed in your original course,the new Total column will appear in the copied course.

In order to delete the additional column, another column must be assignedas the External Grade column that indicated by a green check mark on the columnheader.

Clickon the chevron on the column that is used to display the calculated totalgrades and select Set as External Grade. Once the green check mark is movedto the column, you will be able to delete the additional Total column.

External Grades

Q: Can I delete the copied content?

You can useBulk Delete to delete the course content by a content area or specific data setsuch as Discussion Board and Announcements. To delete individual content item,click on the chevron next to the content item and delete one at a time.

Q: Can I copy files from another faculty member's course?

To perform a course copy, you mustbe listed as an instructor in both the source (original) and destinationcourses. Please contact eLearning Department elearning@cocc.edufor course copy request with an approval from the instructor who owns thecourse content.