Suspensions and Deletions, CCWD Handbook

The CCWD Handbook includes the following standards:

Suspensions and Deletions

Community colleges may suspend or delete AAS degree, AAS option and certificate of completion programs due to a variety of factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Low student enrollment,
  • Lack of financial resources,
  • Inability to recruit qualified instructors, and
  • Changes in the employment opportunities or workforce needs.

Programs are considered suspended or deleted when:

  • It is not offered,
  • Not in the college catalog,
  • Not included on the college website, or
  • New students may not enroll in the program

All inactivated AAS degree, AAS options and certificate of completion program must be reported to CCWD-EII as quickly as possible. Colleges should notify CCWD-EII by correspondence approved by the chief academic officer or president. The correspondence should include the reason(s) for deleting the program, the effective date and strategies planned to teach out the program (a requirement for accreditation purposes). There are unique considerations for contract colleges.

Teaching out obligations

"Teaching out" the program includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Plans for students currently enrolled in the program to complete it in a timely manner,
  • Reimbursements,
  • Deletion from the college catalog
  • Informing and transition faculty
  • Notifying employers, workforce development organizations and other community stakeholder

Suspension vs. Deletion

Programs that are suspended by formal notification may be reinstated within three years of the suspension date. Suspended programs are automatically administratively deleted by CCWD-EII after three years.

To reinstate a program within the three year period, the college must submit a letter of request, signed by the chief academic officer or president, to CCWD-EII. An updated curriculum plan for the program must be submitted with the letter of intent to reinstate the program.

Programs that not reinstated within the three year period and deleted programs, must be submitted as new programs and follow the appropriate program approval process.