Suspending a program

COCC Program Suspension/Deletion Process

Revised 12/7/15, Approved Curriculum Committee 1/19/16

Programs that are suspended with CCWD may be reinstated within three years of the suspension date with a letter of request and an updated curriculum plan. Programs that were suspended but not reinstated within three years, or programs that had been deleted, must be submitted as new programs and follow the appropriate approval process.


Review Oregon's Community College and Workforce Development (CCWD) handbook guidelines on program suspension and deletion and the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) policy on teach-out plans and agreements.

Consult with your chair and instructional dean about suspending or deletion a program. Your instructional dean should keep the VPI and other deans informed. If the program is taught at a location other than Bend, consult with the Extended Learning Dean.

Request from Admissions and Records the major codes associated with the programs you would like to suspend, and request a list of all students who are declared in this program, along with their catalog years and email addresses. Once this group of declared students is identified, this will serve as your audience for a teach-out plan.

If the program is a CTE program, it is recommended that the program director consult with the advisory committee prior to submitting the program for suspension.

Develop Teach-out Plan

Develop a teach-out plan to serve the students who will be impacted by the suspension/deletion. The plan can range induration depending on the audience needs; at a minimum, the students in the latest catalog year should be able to complete the program with reasonable full-time study and at a maximum, students should be able to use COCCs full catalog year policy to complete (in other words, students declared this year have two future catalog years to complete). The teach-out plan can include the required courses or substitutions for the required courses as long as the substitutions result in the same program outcomes as the originals and they are identified in to suspension proposal. Your instructional dean should support the plan.

Develop a Communication Plan

Once the teach-out plan has been created, develop a communication plan to inform interested parties. Determine the message (which should include the reason as well as the teach-out plan),the means of communication, and the timeline for the following constituencies:

  • Declared Students
  • Advisory Committee
  • COCC Admissions and Records, CAP Services (advisors), and Financial Aid
  • Department web site (please note that program web pages must continue to be active during the teach-out period in order for completing students to receive financial aid. Sample language to post on such a web site is: Beginning [insert term], this program is no longer accepting new students. Students who are currently enrolled in the program can complete their programs [within COCCs catalog year policy OR according to the completion plan developed by the department]. Students should contact their academic advisor for additional information.

Submit the Program Suspension/Deletion in CourseLeaf for Curriculum Committee Approval

Suspend/delete the program in CourseLeaf by the submission deadline for the next catalog cycle.

Implement the Program Suspension/Deletion

Once the suspension/deletion is approved by the Curriculum Committee:

  • Admissions and Records staff will:
  • The Director of Curriculum will:
    • Include the program deletion in the catalog production (it will be included for the duration of the teach-out plan with a notice that it is not accepting new students)
    • Submit the suspension with the teach-out plan to: the COCC Board, CCWD, and NWCCU
  • The Program Director will:
    • Complete the communication plan.