Sample Plans

Each program in CourseLeaf has a sample plan, which is all the required courses in a program in a term by term format. The sample plan is used to:

  • Evaluate a curriculum and the relationship between courses to support student completion and success.
  • Support the development of our course offerings such that plans and the schedule are collaborative.
  • Communicate a recommended plan of study (sample plans may be published to the web in the future.)
  • Serve as the basis for the GradTracks Planner.

Characteristics of a Sample Plan

The sample plan should:

  • Include all required courses (or requirements if there is a choice of courses) in the program.
  • Sequence courses using prerequisites and recommended preparation.
  • Target a full-time student who enters at the desired skill level, and needs no developmental courses (The GradTracks Planner has the opportunity to create plans for a developmental student or for a part time student.)

Best practices:

Ideally, a sample plan will:

  • Reflect the schedule of offerings such that courses are offered in the terms they are planned.
  • Include skills and introductory courses in early terms.
  • Maintain a consistent credit load throughout the plan, including a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 19 credits in a term.

Sample Plan Format and Conventions

All requirements with a choice of courses:

The plan can either

  • Include all options from the program requirements or
  • It may recommend a specific choice from the options from the required courses. However, in this case the plan should show which requirement is being met. For example, list “Oral Communication (recommend SP 111)” instead of just “SP 111.”

Open entry vs. Cohort-based format:

  • Open entry (students can start a program any term)
    • Format: First Term, Second Term, Third Term, etc.
  • Cohort format/term-specific sequencing (illustrates that courses need to be taken in a specific term)
    • Format: First Year-Fall Term, First Year-Winter Term, etc.

AAOT Focus area conventions:

  • Courses that are required for the major represented by the focus area are referred to as "recommended" and are included with the requirement (e.g., "Arts and Letters (recommend: PHL 203)".)
  • Courses that are not required in the major but which we would like to share with students are referred to as "other courses to consider" in the program requirements; in the plan, these courses are referred to as "consider" (e.g., "Social Science Discipline Studies: (consider any CJ prefix)".)

GradTracks Plans

The sample plan in CourseLeaf is the basis for the GradTracks Planner. The sample plan in CourseLeaf is for a student who is full time and at college level. The GradTracks Planner will use CourseLeaf’s sample plan and have different variations of that plan (a plan for a part time student or a student entering at developmental level). If the sample plan in CourseLeaf is incorrect then all the variations of that plan will be incorrect in GradTracks. For more information on the GradTracks Planner project, please contact Sharon Bellusci at 541-330-4361.