Program Development Resources

The Curriculum Office is available to assist faculty through the process of revising or developing a new certificate or degree program. Below are helpful resources when creating or revising programs at COCC.

General Program Resources

COCC Definition of an Academic Program: An academic program is any institutionally established combination of courses and/or requirements leading to a degree or certificate. A focus is an area of concentration within the program (e.g. psychology or geology). [Approved AA, 2/16/14]

All Degrees Defined by CCWD

Associate of Science Guidelines

Suspending/Deleting a program

Requisites at COCC (prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended preparation)

Sample Plans

Codes for Program Development

CIPs codes
ACTI codes
TOPs codes
SOC codes (coming soon)

CTE Specific Program Information

See new program resources below for CTE program approval process

Financial Aid Eligibility information for COCC programs

Related Instruction

Selective Admissions at COCC

Roadmap tool (required for all career pathways)

Specialized Accreditation

New Program Resources

CCWD's website to support CTE program development

COCC New CTE Program Approval Process (approved COCC Academic Affairs 1/26/15)
(Overview of New CTE Program Process, approved COCC Academic Affairs 1/26/15)

CCWD Worksheets:

New Program Worksheet (this contains the data elements that are required in the state database)

NOA Worksheet

LMI Worksheet

CCWD Guiding Principles and Assurances