Updates: Catalog/Curriculum Software Project

Updates of Project Progress

April 2018: Bridge Testing

Before we could begin bridge testing, our data model and forms needed to be in production and stable. Bridge will push data from CourseLeaf into our student information database (Banner). We hope to go live with bridge in May 2018.

November 2017: Go Live

COCC went live with CourseLeaf on November 8, 2017. A trainer from CourseLeaf was on campus for two days training Curriculum Office staff and faculty on using CourseLeaf.

September 2017: Final Specs

  • Testing is complete and signing off on final specs is expected to happen by 9/18.
  • Next steps are QA testing, sync testing and then program migration.

May 2017: Testing to Begin Soon

Curriculum Committee members will attend testing training (est. May 16, 8-9:30am) and test est. May 16-May 23.Any interested faculty are invited to test.

  • We will have at least two rounds of testing: one beginning mid-May, one in mid-June, and possibly one later in the summer.
  • Courseleaf makes revisions to our new online curriculum forms based on our feedback between each round of testing, so the forms are different from the first to the second session.
  • In each round, faculty testers will have directions with the web site, a list of things to do (such as edit the credits on a course), and a feedback form.
  • Testing is flexible, on your computer, within a timeframe. We estimate testing will take 1-2 hours.
  • All levels of experience with going through Curriculum Committee and revising curriculum are invited. It is helpful to have veterans as well as people without experience, representing varied departments and both transfer and CTE programs.
  • Faculty testing in the summer who are not otherwise compensated are eligible for a stipend.

If this interests you, let Vickery (vviles@cocc.edu) or Erika (emcarman@cocc.edu) know!

March 2017: CIM User's Conference, Submission of Business Requirements

Vickery and Erika Attend Leppfrog's user's conference in New Orleans.

  • Training on CourseLeaf
  • Additional information about workflow, forms
  • Use of CIM information on web via APIs
  • Connection with other schools, PCC

Submission of initial business requirements to Courseleaf (final 3/15/17)

  • Banner course data (via transfer package)
  • Course Questionnaire
  • Course samples
  • Program content
  • Program Questionnaire
  • Current Forms and New forms (course, program)
  • Workflow Summary, course and program
  • Infrastructure setup (IT)

January/February 2017

  • Curriculum Standards developed (business rules)
    • Review by Deans, Chairmoot, CTE Council, student services department, Catalog Workgroup, Banner Programs Workgroup
  • Program Information using templates ( CTE/AAS, CC: CTE STCC; Transfer)
    • CTE programs format reviewed by program directors
  • Approval of Course Outline and Curriculum Standards process by Academic Affairs

12/13/16 Welcome Call, Initiation of Implementation

11/8/16 Signed Contract with Courseleaf

5/6/16 Product Demonstrations: 116 Coats Campus Center

  • 1pm SmartCatalog
  • 2:15 CourseLeaf

4/21/16 Introductory Meeting

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce participants
    2. Brief overview of the current process
    3. Review of issues: why do we need to change
  2. Project Requirements
    1. High Level goals, benefits
    2. Sponsor: Jenni Newby, Chief Academic Officer
    3. Funding: approved
  3. Product Review Criteria
    1. Three major products
    2. Our analysis to date (via Chris)
    3. Next steps
  4. Feedback, comments: integration with web site, are we limited to the approved budget, process for demos (test drive), cost of purchase vs cost of doing business the old way, lots of opportunity for improvement.

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