Catalog/Curriculum Software Project

COCC will implement software to support curriculum management and catalog production, with the project beginning Spring 2016 and concluding no later than fall 2017. This site is intended to support the work of the implementation team and provide a means of communication with other college stakeholders.


Resources and supporting materials


Sponsor: Executive Dean/Chief Academic Officer (Jennifer Newby)

Catalog/Curriculum Software Implementation Team members:

  • Aimee Metcalf, Assistant Director of College Relations
  • Chris Mills, Student Module Manager/Analyst
  • Eric Magidson, CIS Faculty
  • Darren McCrea, Technology Project Manager
  • Jared Forell, Assistant Director of Admissions and Records
  • Erika Carman, Instructional Systems Support Specialist of Curriculum and Assessment
  • Vickery Viles, Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Stakeholders (communication audience):

  • Curriculum Committee members
  • Academic Affairs Committee members
  • Insync members (combination of instructional and student services leadership)
  • Instructional Deans and Dean of Extended Learning
  • College Relations Director or Assistant Director
  • CAP Services Director, staff
  • IT Directors, staff
  • Chairs
  • CTE Council

Please contact Vickery Viles - if you have suggestions or additions to this web page.