Time Blocks for COCC credit courses

COCC has established time blocks for credit courses. Please note that courses must begin and end within the time blocks, unless a dean provides special approval for extenuating circumstances.

More information about the current time blocks can be found in the original proposal (College Affairs, January 13, 2006 and final approval January 27, 2006). The purpose of the time block proposal was to allow for more courses to be scheduled in our available classrooms and to avoid student registration problems (if student attempts to register in a course that overlaps another course by one minute or more, the registration system will prevent them. Both teachers must provide a "time conflict override" to allow registration.).

COCC credit course time blocks

7:45am to 10:05am
10:15am to 12:35pm
12:45pm to 3:05pm
3:15pm to 5:35pm
5:45pm to 7:30pm
7:30pm to 9:25pm