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Oregon State University/OSU Cascades Campus Curriculum process notes


Equivalency Tables

The general course equivalent list indicates which COCC courses are counted as equivalent (or not equivalent but counting for credit).

The baccalaureate core (general education) equivalency list identifies COCC courses that meet the bacc core by requirement area.


OSU Baccalaureate Core

OSU has a main web site for the baccalaureate core.

See a list of the current OSU courses on the online catalog bacc core list.

Read about the criteria for courses to be included on the bacc core.

Petition for substitution is used for a student to request a course be used for a requirement that is not on the bacc core equivalency list.


OSU Resources

OSU Catalog Course descriptions

OSU course syllabi

OSU Majors by Division with Assoc. Deans


OSU Contacts

Judy Dahlem (Articulation Coordinator, OSU Office of Admissions, Corvallis)

January, 2016

  1. If COCC faculty believe there are courses that should be considered for inclusion on the equivalency (either as equivalent to an OSU course or similar to a course accepted for credit, noted as "LDT") or on the baccalaureate core list, follow these steps.
  2. For the equivalency list, review the syllabus of the comparable OSU course, and identify where your course is similar (such as in course description, outcomes, text, and credits).
    For the bacc core list, review the criteria for bacc core area, and identify where your course meets criteria.
  3. You may wish to confer with either your OSUC or OSU Corvallis department colleagues.
  4. Write to OSU's Articulation Coordinator to request an evaluation. Summarize your findings of how the COCC course is equivalent, is similar to a course accepted for transfer, or meets the OSU criteria for bacc core. Attach the current course syllabus and any other information you think will be helpful. If you are requesting evaluation of multiple courses, organize the summary and syllabi such that OSU can forward to different people if necessary.
  5. If you learn that the course/s will be added to either the equivalency or bacc core lists, inform the COCC Director of Curriculum and Assessment as well as the lead OSU Cascades advisor.