Inactivating a course

Once a credit course is created in Banner, it is designated as either active or inactive.

When should a course be inactivated?
An active course has current learning outcomes defined and is displayed to students in the catalog and GradTracks if it meets a degree requirement. If a course does not have current learning outcomes, or it is not being offered and therefore displaying it to students in the Catalog and GradTracks is confusing, it should be inactivated.

If a course is inactivated, is it deleted completely?
Courses are never removed from the Banner database, so an inactive course retains all the data set-up associated with it while it is inactive.

How do I inactivate a course?
Use the Inactivate Course Approval Form from the links on the side menu. You can submit multiple courses on one form.

How do I reactivate a course that has been inactivated?
To reactivate a course, submit the course to Curriculum Committee as a course revision. Often, the learning outcomes need to be updated prior to submitting to Curriculum. Please note, if the new iteration of the course will NOT be equivalent to the old iteration (meet all the same degree requirements, and cannot be repeated for credit), then a new course and course number should be proposed. COCC will not approve the same course number if they are not equivalent.

Date: 05.25.16

Author: VViles